McBroom’s Fluidguard™ can be used on electric or mechanical spindles, servo motors and electric motors. It allows liquids and moisture to escape from the unit without letting additional liquids and moisture enter the unit.  Fluidguard™ allows for liquids and moisture to be drained properly. This will save any type of unit from premature failure due to liquids and moisture building up inside the unit.

  • Provides a safe exit of fluids from motor housing cavity
  • Inhibits splash or spray entry from a hostile environment
  • Can be easily adapted to any enclosure providing a ½” hole can be drilled into the housing
  • Fluidguard™ installation can greatly reduce maintenance and repair costs and increase machine uptime
  • Once installed the Fluidguard™ will last the life of the motor
  • Can be installed in the field
  • Can be retrofitted by McBroom Industrial Services
  • Can be recessed when required
  • Can be field serviced for any maintenance requirement
  • Can be installed in any new or used asset

Fluidguard™ Patent Pending

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